What is up with this guy (Part 1)?

I don’t know what is going on or who to trust anymore. I like his guy and it seems as if everything was going well with us. We were at the talking and getting to know each other stage. The 2nd time we hung out and everything was cool. We did not sleep together but there was oral sex and we just showered together.

All was well and good until 48 hours later. People in our circle of friends were calling me left and right that day, saying that he only was attracted to me sexually and that he wasn’t emotionally connected to me and wanted nothing further. I confronted him about this information and he denied it, yet he came off a bit defensive. I still tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but then I heard one more thing that really put me over the edge. He said that he “wanted nothing to do with me” and I snapped. I lost it! I was crying for hours. But the saddest part was that people were afraid of telling me and wanted to not tell me as of yet, but they do not realize that a TRUE friend will tell you the truth even if it was something that you did not want to hear.

I tried getting a hold of the guy, but I heard he ignored my phone call on purpose and in the midst of that, he lied about helping his best friend’s family move, and that really there was a party going on at his house (one that he did not invite me to although there was drinking and drugs there). Ironically, he said that he did not drink and do drugs anymore especially since he had a past with drug and alcohol addiction. I texted him last night as he and his friends had ANOTHER party and I asked him if he wanted to talk and that we can have an opportunity to clear the air. He said he would…when he was sober.
I felt like me and this guy bonded on personal issues (Look for part 2)


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  • You hung out twice. What sort of emotional connection are you hoping for?

    Depending on how you went about using that information I may have reacted the same way.

    If you told me some of your friends told you I was only interested in sex and then you demanded to know if it was true, I would end the relationship.

    If you asked me if I had real feelings, that would be fine.

    If he is taking drugs then you are better off without. Break up with him and find someone better.


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