Girls dating "bad guys" just a phase?

Is it? I was talking to my dad about dating... and he said the girls really start coming around as they get older and mature more...

Also observing people in public and dating shows on TV... you start seeing a lot of great girls more with great guys as they get older... less with guys that look like (or are) losers whether its how they treat the girl or how they live their life...

Are bad boys just a phase? Is it the girls way of having fun while she's young?



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  • That is actually true, I see and witness it all the time, especially in college, girl will go after the "bad boys" a lot more then good "nice" ones. Its sad to see it like this especially when you are a guy like me that is nice all the time. I always hear girls saying its because nice guys are boring, clingy and predictable were the bad boys are fun, outgoing, unpredictable, and they want to change them. All in all I still don't get it, why would you wanna get treated like dirt and accept it as fun, outgoing? A mystery never to be solved by men


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  • It is just a phase. When girls are younger, they like the bad boy, the one who doesn't care about anything. But when we get older, we think more about settling down, having a family and a bad boy wouldn't be someone who could provide that stability.

    • I know one thing... I can offer stability...

      im not a guy to go get in trouble or risk getting trouble with the law, cheat, disrespect a girl behind my back... nothing. and I have a lot of love to give. I only want a serious relationship really. I won't ever beg a girl for sex, nor will I expect her to give it to me (before marriage) I want to save my sexual desires for the right girl!

      but right now, it seems as tho I have to go it alone... I hope not forever... :(

  • Some might mature, but often it reflects a problem that they have from their family of origin, and that tends to be a problem throughout life unless they get some serious therapy. Others just don't realize, get their hearts broken a few times, then come around. But as to the REAL issue in this... yes, there are and you will be able to find, great girls who want a really great guy. The trick is to not chase the girls who need fixing (or who want someone to fix). And consider the girls who may not be what you necessarily think you are looking for. There are shallow and immature people of every age, but there are also a lot of really great people who just want to find a decent person to love and build a future with. For most people though, it can take a long time to find that person. So take heart and be patient. It'll come...


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  • Your question suggests you are currently not having fun with being a "nice guy."

    Therefore don't be a nice guy or in other words a wuss..

    What your dad told you was comforting to you but the truth is they SETTLE for the nice guy but what she really wants is a crazy boy. The question do you really want to be the guy she settles for.

    SO work on your self esteem through going gym, sports and goig out more often...

    Since being nice guy is not working, why don't you change yourself... You can always come back to being a nice guy in the future...

    At least that way you are in control of yourself...

    • I'm not changing myself for some hoe who can't like me for who I am.

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    • Xalion, my guess is you're inexperienced, but sometimes we change ourselves to be more accomodating for our loved I work out MORE to keep in shape for my girl. But we don't change our core principals..If you are too quiet and reserved, you need to change that to get girls. If that's your attitude "ent changing for some hoe.. whore btw" its probably best if you're single..

      As for the asker, strong confident good natured guys do get girls, but the "nice guys" dont, PERIOD

    • Well that's a lovely guess. However I was mainly talking about "core principals", in the past I have changed while in relationships. I have never flipped that big'ole nice switch off. Honestly I would rather chew rusty staples. My attitude on the other hand is just so fabulous, because it makes me happy ,which then gives me confidence. I wouldn't wish loneliness onto people, that can strike even further than obscenities. P.S. I can use whatever derogatory term that I see fit.

  • Ye is sad because once they get into reason they are old, ugly and lose from all the bad guys, basically left overs, and even then some will still cheat on the nice guys from time to time trying to get back her "younger" emotions.

    Just don't put any hope on girls, I been hurt so many times is not worth it to care anymore. Just be the bad boy and make thing simplier for yourself.