We were the cutest couple in our year said everyone, what happened?

We went out for a good few months and he told me he loved me loads of times and we held hands and kissed and benched and the whole lot then one day me him and three of our closest friends went to the park and me and my boyfriend sat down and he hand one arm around me and the other was holding my hand and suddenly he shifted me and all the others looked at him like WTF and i didn't have a clue what was wrong but he insisted he had no clue and when i got a text from my mom that me and my girl friends had to go (there was three girls including me and one boy ) he said one more kiss so i did and he said goodbye i love you and that was the first time he ever said goodbye to me. when we got back to my house my friends told me he was gonna break up with me and he was too upset and confused that he didn't so i texted him and he said it was true and we agreed to be friends and i was totally ok with this and now im going out with someone and he did as well but she broke up with him cause she thought it was too awkward and she thought it would be better if i was with him and then someone asked me out so i said ya and now everytime im with my ex he's always like aww how is he and you can do better and always putting his arm around me and teasing me about my new boyfriend and one night i was told he wanted to get back together by my friend and i started crying cause everyone wanted me to break up with my boyfriend and go back out with my ex but i didn't know what i wanted to do and i reallt like my boyfriend but i still have LOTS of feelings for my ex and he still teases me and he bought me an ice cream the other day and everything and i dont know wht to do but i dont want to break up with my boyfriend but then again im thinking of it and texting my boyfriend with my ex on my mind. Please help


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  • Your ex is a piece of shit don't go back to him... yet. He is only trying to get back with you because the girl left him. Your new dude deserves your full commitment. I think you should stop texting your ex because the more you text him the more you are going to want to go back.


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  • Sometimes it just doesn't work out there's so why or reasoning behind it. It just was t right

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