Where's all the guys that get asked out on dates by women hiding? Or is this stuff I'm hearing about women asking guys out nowadays is straight bs?

I've been hearing that nowadays, like its extremely common yet I never knew a guy, or even heard of a guy in real life say they were approached and asked out on a date. I've heard women (Only on gag for some reason, I never hear women in real life say they approach guys and ask out on dates) say women ask guys out all the time Even this question that I just read on here https://www.girlsaskguys.com/other/q1539534-how-often-are-you-asked-out-on-dates I think only one guy said he was asked out on a date.


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  • It happens here all the time.
    Just because you don't see guys on gag talking about it doesn't mean it never happens.
    There's a whole world outside of gag.

    • I've never knew one guy in real life ever say they've been asked out nor have I've heard of guy being asked out on a date. In real life, every woman I asked have they ever asked a guy out on a date and not one has and all of them said that they won't ever do that. I've been all over the USA and I have never heard a guy say they were asked out on a date. If women do ask out its extremely rare to the point that many men won't ever experience that.

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    • Just having girls ask out guys doesn't make it a phenomenal place.
      But to each their own.

    • Where is this place? So I can "spread" the word lol.

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  • it depends on your definition of a date, if being asked if you wanted to go for drinks after work count.

  • It happens, but it's like 1 in 1000 of the girls that are interested in you...

    • So its extremely rare then right? It not common practice like women try to claim it is then.

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    • You are the first guy I heard of being asked out on a date... at least on gag, I have yet to know a guy or hear of a guy being asked out and I've been all over the country (USA) check these guys out www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1539534-how-often-are-you-asked-out-on-dates

    • lol there is a guy on there that said back in 6th grade lol. That's actually the first time I got asked out. I actually got asked out twice in 6th grade... The last time I got asked out was about a month ago by a sexy little 19 year old Latin chick... lol

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