My boyfriend's brother touches me?

Me and my boyfriend is 18. His brother is 20. Yesterday we had a double date to the cinema (my boyfriend, me, his brother, his brother's girlfriend) cuz my bf's car is broken so we can't go separately. It was the second time I met his brother. In the cinema, I sat in between my boyfriend and his brother. Halfway through the movie, his brother keeps bumping his arm into my arm and his knee into my legs. The seat was quite big so I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. He kept it there for awhile until I moved my leg away from him. What the hell is he doing? What do I do now? I didn't say/act on it yet.


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  • he's a dude and just like all men who have any relationship with a girl they like he is and has thought of having sex with you multiple times

    get over it... that's why women are here to keep men from fucking everything that moves

    • At least not his brother's girlfriend :/

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    • The reason women are on Earth is to give birth to guys and girls. You guys come from women's vaginas.

    • well also to raise them but during reproductive years women are supposed to choose the right mates and exclude the others

      i know any feminist would disagree but i'm just speaking all of this generally as it has been for the past forever

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  • next time he does it, make a casual comment like "ow" so your boyfriend and his brothers girlfriend can hear it. your bf's brother will get the picture because right now he's trying to be slick so you should lowkey call him out

  • I'd mention it to my boyfriend.

    • They're brothers... I don't want to turn this into a bad situation...