Why do I always freak out when a guy shows interest in me?

Whether I like them or we are only talking as friends, if a guy starts to act interested in me (being flirty/giving compliments/asking to meet) subconsciously I seem to freak out. For example, I find reasons why I don't like them or completely recoil and not want to speak to them anymore (I mean literally dreading them messaging me and regretting ever speaking to them), and I also suddenly realise how desperate I am to be single. I really would like an explanation for this as it happens every time without fail and it's not something I can control, I just feel the need to shut the guy out completely, curl into a ball and not talk to any guy ever again, even if I really really liked them up until this point.


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  • well what is there to dread? it sounds like you over think way to much and are scared of letting anyone into you're personal bubble afraid of being vulnerable maybe do you let anyone one get close to you?

    • To be honest I don't, I prefer to take a step away once they get too close because I feel kind of suffocated

    • well TBH i feel like you do i don't really like people to crowd me i love my personal space prb a little to much i
      feel like i have just have people deal with i know that some people get angry at you for this so i try to be different just try to make progress let people in even if its just a little and let people know you like your personal space bring it up early when you start talking to people so they know you are 18 i assume its prb not that big of a deal now but you don't want to be that one crazy cat lady do you? so you gotta ask yourself what sound better being alone or being with someone who loves and cares about you who you can share moments with

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