Could he still have feelings for his Ex?

The man I have been talking to for some months now, I keep thinking he secretly still trying to talk to the mother of his child. I think the reason why I think is because he hasn't told me how they broken up, only person that has told me is our mutual friend and she told me that she cheated on him. And part of me don't believe out mutual about how she said they broken up because she said thinks that what he told her. Also another reason why I think he could be trying to get with her is because they have a child together and they will always share that bond because of the child and I understand that it just makes me paranoid that he will leave me for her. Also everything he gets online I think he talking to her and trying to get with and or when me and him are together (hanging out) I think that he with her. Another thing if she gets a accepted a friend and then they send the guy I am talking to friend request it makes me think okay that the guy I am talking to is still talking to the mother of his child. He doesn't talk about her, so I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. I just need advice on how to handle this and I am overthinking this or not?


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  • I definitely think that you are overthinking this for sure. What you provided isn't anything concrete, frankly. So he didn't tell you why they broke up? Even I can answer why he doesn't want to tell you, it hurts to think about and it isn't something he really wants to look back on.

    You also said it's because they have a kid together but quite frankly, I don't think having a kid doesn't influence how much more you love the person. What it does decide is how much you are willing to "try" and be with that person but your feelings aren't dictated by the child at all if you ask me.

    Lastly, I was a little confused by this part but... If I am reading this correctly it seems as though you are saying that when she gets a friend request he also gets a request from the same person? If so, that's bound to happen. They probably spent a lot of time together and thus, made mutual friends.

    If you're feeling this way then you should express that to him. Being paranoid damages a relationship and makes the person you are with lose their trust in you so try to get a grip on yourself before you do harm to your relationship by thinking out of context.

    All the best.


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  • He probably has bitter feelings towards her. I don't think you should be concerned.