How long after a girls break up should a guy wait to pursue her?

This girl I like her but she told me she recently broke up with her ex. Which is why we decided to not date as of now so she can clear her head. She claims she has always liked me and she is a good girl for what I've seen. How long should be appropiate to wait? or should i just move on to the next girl? I dont want to end up being a rebound.


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  • Give her a month.


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  • dude just fuck her there's no better time to get with a girl than rebound time

    rebounds don't necessarily mean you won't last you need to communicate your concerns and take it very very very fucking slowly

    • Well we've been taking it slowly and so far its all good but I've had my share of bad experiences with rebounds thats why I ask

    • like what? she used you for sex? hahaha