Could you love somebody who ran on A-cells, if *you* ran on D-cells?

  • Yes, there could still be electro-chemistry...
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  • No, if it just isn't a goid fit, then what else is there to discuss?
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  • Depends: does he/she come in the right wrapper? I only date Duracell/Energizer...
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  • I guess you gotta take the bad with the good, there's a positive and a negative side to everyone...
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  • ... and other puns...
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  • other
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  • Gotta roll with the punches, man. Positive and negative sides to us all.


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  • Sure. I would be strong and large, she would be petite.

  • Am I missing something?

    Are you making euphanisms for penis sizes in gay relationships or something?

    • Nope, just extraordinarily easily amused... and I think I'm clever even though nobody can figure out why...

  • How about B and C cells? won't they interfere with that love at all?

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