How to not be too needy in a relationship?

Ok so I'm going out with a great girl. She's cool, she's tough, she got her priorities on check but she's always busy and working we don't reall get to see each other. We text every day but not for long because she's busy and I'm not used to it lol I need some guidance.


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  • Well, she's dating you because she has very strong belief in you that you'll understand her situation. You aren't being needy, you just want that quality time. Find days where she isn't too busy and set up something for you two to do. A small picnic, candle-lit dinner, movie date, etc. Something small so you guys have your quality time together but at the same time not too time consuming for her sake.

    • This was really helpful lol thanks. Relationships are hard for me ever since being cheated on I never really tried to have a Real relationship but ur comment helps

    • Hey, it was no problem at all! I understand that; cheating can really mess people up! But don't worry (: Keep your head up and I hope all goes well! Glad I could help and please don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you need any more help!

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