Where am I screwing up?

I honestly just can't catch a break. I have these girls attracted to me and somewhere I am screwing it up. I just can't figure out where. I don't text them all day everyday. I am not a suck up. I tease playfully and get them laughing. I have my own life and friends. Where could I possibly be messing up. Most of them think I'm a good guy. Which not to toot my own horn I get told this by almost everyone I know including bosses and coworkers. Everyone trusts me. It's almost to the point of being an insult. Don't worry I'm not going to change its part of who I am. I just want to know where I could possibly be screwing up.


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  • It's probably the way you talk to them.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wrong type of girls maybe?

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