How can I feel love for somebody?

how can i feel love for somebody? it's like. I've never have felt this one emotion nearly my whole life. it worries me because. if i don't feel love. how am i going to date someone. unless they tell me they love me. but that's not really fair. i just feel like im going to be alone forever because i can't feel this one thing.


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  • There are no internal conflict in you?
    This is one of the many reasons why you may hold back from love

    ... if you feel that there is some things you need to improve about yourself, say some habits, or it could be just your financial status... Whatever it is... there is something you feel that it needs to be done before you feel you are ready to love someone.

    You want to balance yourself first.

    Yes or no?

    • no. like im good to go and find someone. anyone. and share the world. you know what I mean haha. I really am happy most of the time. I just don't feel love which is weird.

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    • Thanks for that. it was a good read. maybe im the "Acting Like They Don’t Need Love so They Won’t Get Taken Advantage of Again". im not sure on that on. but taking a guess. is better than nothing :)

    • You're welcome and yep.

      I have a feeling when you meet the right one, you will feel love without realizing.

      I say take it as a good thing that you are not wasting love on the wrong ones. :)

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  • Until you find love within yourself you'll never find in another person.

    You will feel love when you meet the right person

  • Àwwwe😢😢😢😩just try at least


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  • You must find love within yourself, and allow a woman to capture your heart...
    once you do this you will have love to share

    • thanks for helping man. much appreciation. but im happy most of the time. get out. go places. see people. so I don't understand about finding love within myself. I mean. I don't think. I can love myself within anymore than I already do haha.

    • Love is every where my friend
      Do you have a bestfriend or brother? do you love them?

      If you are looking for intimate love it is hard to find nowadays
      most people place value of companionship solely on the physical and material
      Few people have a spiritual connection with their partners

      I haven't found that connection yet bro... but hopefully you will

  • i dunno man maybe it doesn't really exist