I wish he would put in some effort?

When me and the guy I am with are in person we have the best time.
When we are apart he never communicates with me, never makes me feel wanted.
We talked on the phone last night which was great, however he joked around about a lot of other girls, i know they were jokes but they upset me.
It's not that that worries me though. It's the fact that he can go days without talking and it's fine, that he doesn't feel the need to tell me about his life. I feel underappreciated and unloved and wish he would put in the effort that he does in person.


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  • If he tells you about his life on phone and texts, then your dates will not be as great because you already know everything about him :)


What Girls Said 1

  • You're with him as in an actual relationship, just seeing each other, or?
    If you're officially together, just tell him! Say you wish you could chat more often. That you do appreciate when he does call you already, but you think it would be nice to not go so long without staying in touch.

    Likewise with letting him know that the frequent jokes or references about other girls makes you feel uncomfortable, and you'd appreciate if he stopped doing it that much.

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