I need help seeing if he's a player?

hey, so in my past i had a guy i was seeing but not serious with. I had to stop because i was worried i was rebounding on him. He also was negitive and was constantly telling me he was worried about us not working out and wanted me to ressure him. ( this was a everyday thing not just on a bad day). Now 5 months of not speaking to hin i find him in the same store i always like to shop at. He goes up at speaks to me asking if i had a hour to catch up over coffee, he askes if i had feelings left over for him, i told him i care abouth im yes but love is too extream. we ended up cuddling a little bit before i had to catch my train, so the day after i apparently over messaged him, ( no more than 2 messages) and he flipped out saying he would get back to me after he reads them and calms down from being "pissed off" my messages were showing him i cared for him but i wasn't ready for anything sexural to happen. Its been over a week of no contact since he blew up, am i just a toy or plan B? or is he serious on getting back with me? I also found a pic of him a few days after with a guy and another chick in the time of no contact. so im confused.

may i add he gets annoyed to see me with other men, even if they are just friends. he questions who they are and what the relationship is to me.


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  • He is not serious about you.


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