Is it important to know from the guy you like?

how is his family, I mean details about his parents, his siblings, etc I mean just to get to know a bit more about the guy you are getting to know and like? or is not necessary. What if the guy does not like to share that information with anyone? Are those red flags or it could be normal?


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  • Well safety always comes first so know who you are messing with, but generally if he's a nice guy and you've known him well enough to be comfortable with him then it shouldn't be an issue... although take precautions because a lot of men and women abuse society and it's sad to think that loving someone is your safe bet but truly it could be the opposite. If he isn't comfortable revealing family information then really he isn't worth your time.

    • Well he had told me bits and pieces but I found out this guy current dad is not his biological dad. He told me becaue it was out of something I asked him last week and he brought up the issue that his biological dad was a pilot, I did not know that I though his current dad was his biological dad but I guess he won't ike to talk about it if I ask him why he did not tell me about him. His current dad also I know married 4 times and he married twice one of those ladies. He only has 3 step brothers from his dad past relationships. I believe his mom got pregnant with him, before meeting his current dad or she cheated on his current husband when he was born. but his biological dad did not recognized him so maybe the guy does not even know him at all he just know he exists perhaps so his current dad was the one who recognized him and the reason why the guy call him dad with all the rights taht comes and he has his current dad last name. Not that I care I found that out from other sources

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    • We often like to have an ego that cannot be ruptured by the defects in our family households, so it's best to avoid involvement in his family issues and let him feel good about having a girl that likes him for who he is :)

    • I guess I won't ask him about his biological dad who may not even live in the country we live in cause he is a US retired army pilot maybe he is not proud to talk about him when he feels comfortable in talking I hope I be there to listen.

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  • My family is a fucking circus, I try to delay girlfriends meeting them as long as possible and have as little interaction as possible. I don't want to be judged by something I have no control over. You can choose your friends, you can't choose your family.

    • but maybe for him he does not like to talk about his real dad he maybe not be so proud in telling me about it but I wish he can be more open for me if he is attracted to me, he can trust me. But I won't force him.

  • That's unimportant.

    • at what point those things need to become important to me?

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  • It is important if you want your relationship to be long-term.