Thoughs on dating the friend of a girl I liked but wasn't able to date?

i originally meet both these girls last summer but now they are back and i've talked to them a few times. i first meet the one girl at a party last summer and had a thing for her and really wanted to date her. but she had a boyfriend and even though it was mostly a long distance thing for her at the time she didn't really want to drop him to be with me. i meet the other girl at her work as they work together at a restaurant , however they also live togther and live at same location as one borrowing a room there , so there very close to each other. the other girl is cute and nice girl , i've talked to her a few times where she works and sensed there might be some interest there , however i also picked up on some jealously when the other girl was around and wondered if she felt i liked her more.
so i'm just not sure if i could date the second girl if she is single and around this summer and original girl i'm friends with would be ok with this or if things could get very weird as they live togther? i know this is very confusing to try and understand sorry


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  • Depends on who you like more. That first girl had a boyfriend before, does she now? She knew you were interested though. I'd go with the one I liked more.

    • she's still dating him however he is never around , I have only seen him once the entire time I've know her and I've seen a lot of her turning that time. she like is here for a summer job and lives in the city rest of year so maybe he comes up on weekends? but not sure and never see him. she definity knew I was interested in her. I like them both and each has things going for them

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    • That other girl is irrelevant because she has a boyfriend. She shouldn't even be having feelings for you nor should she have any type of monopoly. If she wanted you, she would have left her dude. She didn't.

      You moved on. You like this one now (though you said that you've liked both equally). She's going to have to suck it up.

    • the first girl her family owns the house so other girl is just a guest there , not sure how it go over if I was over there dating her , especially after I liked the other girl , but I do agree she shouldn't have an issue with me dating friend if she has no intention of ever dating me and we were only ever friends till this point. its also getting awkward at restaurant , pretty sure most of the other girls there know about this dilemma I have and these 2 girls as there well liked there. I've also had people ask if I was dating one of them , this lady was like is one of those girls your girlfriend? when I was sitting at bar where they work

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  • Sounds awkward.

    • yeah I could see things getting that way , they live , work and party together , almost like sisters but not actually related

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