How long is appropriate to wait to tell the guy?

you like that you like him? I met this guy 2 mos ago and had been on a first date 3 weeks ago, after that we haven't seen each other again but we text once in a while (not everyday or all the time) we can text like once each week. There is a possibility of a second date but we dont know when again, we take a lot of time to arrange dates, I said that for experience of the first date.

The thing is I wish I can tell him I feel attracted to him and I like him but I dont know if when will the right time to say it like after 6 dates or more when we could be comfortable around each other or less than 5 dates maybe on the 3rd date.

I dont know if he thinks the same of me, I can't read his mind. I believe for some of his playfull comments toward me I think he likes me or also for the way he say some things to me he likes me but also he can be playful and love to tease me and I confuse that for he really liking me.

How do I know he really likes me so I can tell him I like him too maybe that way I won't feel uncomfortable in saying I like him if he feels the same way towards me? What I dont want is that if i tell him I like him without knowing how he feels about me i I be making a fool out of myself with him and feel embarrased to confess, f he only is treating me as a friend and that is why we are hanging out. He is 42.


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  • That depends on your and his personalities.

    • Why personalities?

    • Some persons are more extrovert and spontaneous than others, some are more accepting, some are more impatient.

    • In my case im more introvert that is the reason I asked my question. He seems more to be open

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  • I think that you've had ample time to tell him. Why not do it now?

    • Because I dont know what he thinks of me. After the first date the next day I texted him that question. As on the first date he asked me what did I see in him when we first first met 2 mos ago, I responded his question. But when I asked him the same kind of question the next day after the first date. He never responded me at all. So maybe he is not thinking of me as a date but more as a friend, is my assumption.

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    • What if we again make out on the second date like we did on the first one? Or if we dont make out on the second date is that even irrelevant?

    • I mean Im not marrying this guy soon enough of course we are just getting to know each other but I I know he stands of not marrying at all cause he had been in 2 previous relationships before but never married, so is why If im too forward he may believe I want to settle with a guy like him in the future if things go well between us but he may want me just for good friend who we can hang out togehter and make out once in a while and have fun like friends do.