Guys, #KardashianStyle: Who would you rather?

Eat Out
Knock Up

Guys, #KardashianStyle: Who would you rather?





Poll: Who do you love or hate the most? I'm #TeamBabymaker

  • #TeamSticksAndBones (Kendall)
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  • #TeamPuckerUp (Kylie)
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  • #TeamSexTape (Kim)
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  • #TeamShesTheMan (Khloe)
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  • #TeamBabyMaker (Kourtney)
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  • #TeamDroveBruceToBecomeCaitlyn (Kris)
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  • Wow Kendall really pulled off that dress, but she could have at least worn some nude colored draws. Kim looks like an ideal dominatrix haha. Khloe killed that dress and she actually wore nude colored underwear, but I almost wish she'd worn white. I love the names you gave them on the poll. Thats hilarious! But its Kourtney who has stole the show in my opinion. That chick is bad AND she done had three children! #TeamLeaveScottForMe

    • Oh yea...
      Kill Kris cause she annoyin
      Kiss Kim plumped weird looking lips
      Eat Out Kendall since she pantiless
      Marry Kourt cause thats bae
      Fuqk Up Kylie to give her a real butt
      Knock Up Khloe since Lamar didn't

    • I can't stop laughin at how right you are about Khloe and Kendall with the panties. And yes I felt pretty creative with the #Teams on the poll lol. Kourtney looks very good to have had 3 kiddos. Funny reason as to why you ate out Kendall lol. The Eff up Kylie to give her a real booty is hilarious 😝 Poor Khloe. She'll have a kid someday. Maybe she should adopt for now...

    • Thanks for MH

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  • the first and second outfits, like really. 1 good breeze.

    • Kendall rocked it though lol

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    • Theyre all famous because of Kim who is famous because of Ray J and because of their dad who was famous becaus of OJ simpson... Thats it

    • oh yeah I knew what you meant by that, I agree with it.

      seriously? oh how the sith have fallen..

      in this case, oh how society has fallen...

  • i'd rather kill myself than mess wid this dirty family in any way

  • That first dress is pretty cool.

  • I love Kendall's dress, would love to kiss and make out with Khloe, but I need Kim to take home

    • Sounds about right haha

    • Thanks, I didn't complete your first part of the question, but really those three are the only ones I would touch. I really only touch Khloe and Kim. I might not even touch Khloe, I pretty much want Kim.

    • If I was lesbo, I'd never touch Khloe. She just reads "Man" to me or possibly "Oj simpsons daughter". If Kim wasn't so "dirty" on the inside, then yes. Kourtney is quite fertile so be careful haha

  • Kill Kris and Kylie
    Kiss Kendall, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney
    Eat out Kendall, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney
    Marry none of them (unless I have a reasonable shot at their money!)
    Fuck Kendall, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney
    Knock up none of them

    • Lmao just benefiting yourself

    • It's a dog-eat-dog world, question asker. If you're not looking out for number 1, then who will? No one, that's who.

  • Only kim looks good rest all kadarshins looks so fake

    • Lol yea the prettiest are usually the fakest

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    • Yea Kim and Kourt are the prettiest to me

    • Yeah i love those curves *_*

  • Kendall stands out to me

    • Sticks and bones often "stick out"... Yes

    • Kourtney and Kylie are fine too

    • Kourtney yes. I dont know about Pringle-lips

  • Kim and Courtney are most attractive so them to I would say. But I don't find their personalities attractive.

    • Yea those two are my favorite. Kris, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are just "there"