Is it creepy that he misses me? Or is it a crush?

This guy I know is in love with me, has said it many times, and he wants a relationship with me. He really is the "perfect" boyfriend, but right now in my life I just want to be free, and single. He always misses me. Even if he's away from me for an hour he misses me. He went to Maryland for a couple of days, and the whole time he is away from me, only like a day into his trip he messages my mom on Facebook saying how much he misses me. He says it to other people all the time, that he "never felt this way about any girl." And he "misses" me "so much that it hurts." Is this love he's feeling? Lol, or is he being creepy? Is this normal? Need opinions please. Thank you.


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  • Yeah , he sounds bit clingy with you and really should
    give you breathing space if he ever wants to make a
    real relationship work.. I think he has bit of crush on you
    yes it can happen but he needs to take things slow
    cause your not ready for anything real.. It's not good
    for a guy to be creepy either i just hope it's for real
    cause you don't want a guy to play with your heart
    and i do think you've had plenty of that i can tell well
    if he makes you uncomfortable just say hey dude sorry
    I'm busy will talk later got do things for this one or
    got take mom and dad to the doctors appointment
    yes he could miss you but than again it seems some
    what clingy i don't see him being creepy but than he
    shouldn't be contacting your mom on Facebook to get
    through to you.. I don't like to be clingy with a girl /woman
    unless she's into that stuff than we can go for it and i don't
    like to be creepy either i just let things fall into place i see
    if it works out than it does if not than better luck next time..


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  • 1. Nothing creepy about him being this way
    2. It'd be creepy if he were acting over possessive & being controlling like some other guys you know
    3. One thing I don't understand is why do all these guys message your mom & wind up on your mom's FB all the while. This for me is a red flag
    4. Oh he's smitten by you and is normal alright
    5. As long as he learns to control and give this feeling boundaries w/o going over possessive and controlling etc it's all ok
    6. Most importantly if not reigned in you'll wind up feeling suffocated so if and when it does ever happen, keep him reminded to give you your space :)

  • You already said he loves you. You have your answer, but you like the idea that he fawns over you. You should cut him loose if you care at all about him. It isn't right to string someone along. While you're free and single, he's freaking dying over there. Let the poor bastard go.

  • Why not be single and free, and casually hook up with him?

    • I actually suggested that to him, and he refused. He said "No! I am a long term guy. I'm not into hooking up." So that was a no go lol.

    • Yup he is definitely into dating you! Too bad u met him at the wrong time.

  • Thats not at all creepy seems like he really want to be with you from my point of view you should give this guy a chance :)

    • I might, I don't know. I don't want to be tied down though, but I see what you mean. Thank you for commenting!

  • this guy comes off as a little creepy to me, sounds like the guy is trying way to hard to be in a relationship. most of the time it's a sign of a guy feeling alone and rushing a relationship. sounds like even puppy love. r u his first girl he's ever dated or has he been this clingy with other girls in the past?

  • Usually the excuse for being single is "to be free", or in other words "to be slutty"

    • No, I just don't want to be tied down, I don't want to have sex with guys either. I'm just looking for friendships right now in my life.

    • You know you're 21

    • And not getting younger. I'm just saying, it's an excuse to "be slutty"

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  • It's a bit weird that he messages ur mom saying that. Why not message u instead lol? Trying to get mom on his side, maybe. Not very cool.

    • by the way if after knowing the guy u still feel like being single, even if u think he can b boyfriend material, trust ur heart. If it was the guy for u, i dont think u would feel complled to b single at all.

    • You made a good point. I agree with you, it's hard because I see so many qualities in him. I wish I was more interested in relationships cause he would be my first choice. Thank you for commenting! :)

  • He needs to jump into reality and grow a pair!!