How long should I take to respond to his text?

We've been dating for about 2 months and when we lived close we spent quite a lot of time together. However, we're currently apart for the summer but we didn't really make it clear what the plan was for us. He's not great at texting, and never has been for our entire relationship. Part of me thinks thats becuase he's not really that interested, but then everything which is happened in real life makes me think that its just that he's not really into texting. Anyway, he takes forever to reply and it drives me mad. I try really hard to wait longer than i naturally would, but can't help but feel petty. Surely, i should just text him when i can and stop playing games... but then i don't know if that means i lose all my power and i'll come across as though im desperate and have nothing else in my life...


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  • I always thought the concept of waiting to text was completely pathetic, unfortunately without doing so will result in you being friend zoned. At least that's how it is for guy.

    • holy crap you answered a question I had

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    • good on you! If the guy I was currently dating/into you would text me back straight away, like you intend to, I'd be so happy. So I guess for the right person, your method will work.. If not, you'll just die alone, but at least you'll have your integrity as a pretty brilliant person.

    • Yep, my integrity and pride are more important to me than acting like someone I'm not just to fill the hole of loneliness.

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  • Right away. Unless you're genuinely busy, please answer right away. I'm having this issue with a young lady right now. Its friggin frustrating. Texting is talking, so just answer.


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  • How long does he take to respond to your text?

    • Quite a long time, but at least 20 mins, often 1 or 2 hours

    • Go for 1 hour or so.