Is my relationship worth fighting for?

been dating for 8 months, and it started out a little rocky (jealousy, clingyness from him, his depression) but then second semester everything got better, he wasn't depressed anymore + we were happy. Since were in college we spent every night sleeping together and spent most of our time together because we're in the same friend group. We love each other+ we both picture a future together (married, kids) + even during winter break, we would see each other + talk everyday. + though most people said we spent too much time together, both of us didn't mind + enjoyed one another's company
But now that summer has started + i visited him i've been getting angry at him easily and frequently, for small things. I don't know if it's my birth control making me moody or if i'm just getting tired of him and him of me. I know we love each other but it just seems like we've lost some kind of spark. (we recently spent 8 days together at his house and literally watched netflix everyday) while we enjoyed it at the time, by the end we had a talk about having a break. We agreed giving each other space would be best. Even though all i want to do is talk to him!

I love him so much and can't picture myself without him but what if i'm getting angry or bored easily with him because I have fallen out of love. Or the relationship just isn't working anymore. Even when i'm perfectly fine and happy with him I get doubts. + I don't know if the doubts are me just bing paranoid/anxious/releuctant to be happy, but I don't know if i should just trust my "instincts" + break it off or if it's worth us trying to fix our problems and continue. The problem is i don't think i have what it takes to break it off cause i love him so much.

is this an unhealthy realtionship? Is it worth it to keep trying? Just how do you know when a relationship is worth fighting for. or if i'm just prolonging it due to fear of change or losing him. <b


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  • ugh... i'm afraid it's u.. is it possible 2 try being less angry at him maybe?


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  • Love is worth fighting for.


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  • i think you need to see him less - a few days a week without seeing him. that will make u guys less annoyed with each other - no one doesn't get annoyed by being together alllll the time - and give you head space to evaluate ur relationship without actually having to break up immediately

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