Does he really love me?

my boyfriend and i ahev been togather for four months almost five now he means the world to me and he's moving to californa i dont want to brake up with him were both only 15 years old but i want to do long distance but he dosent want to at least i dont think he does cause he says when he moves were gonna be done so I don't know what to do if he really loved me do u think he wouldve tried to do long distance?

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  • You'll eventually fall out of love with him gone. Right now you're just in that "if you go I won't live with out you phase". Time heals that

    • so u don't think he really loves me?

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    • I just told you

    • Don't let your emotions blind your logic

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  • nah... if he was relaly interested, he'd accept LDR


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably really loves you.

    But he's looking at the whole outlook.

    You both are really young... and have your entire lives ahead of you.

    You will meet someone else in future.

    Do not stay wrapped up over him.
    You'd only be wasting time.
    There's a world of wonderful boys out there you haven't met.

    It will take time to get over him.
    But when times fast forwards you'll see exactly why he reacted the way he did.
    You'll see that it all makes sense.