Military/marine guys, please help me with this?

First of all, if you're a military man or a marine man, deep respect to you, and thanks for doing what you do!
So, I was out in the weekend, and was dancing in a club with my friends, when suddenly I got eye contact with this extremely good looking guy, and he smiled at me. Every now and then, we would get eye contact, and smile to each other. He did not stand very far away from me, and was on his way to the bar, when suddenly, a couple bumped in to me, and I fell back. He catched me, and as I looked up he was all like ''Oh hey there'' and we danced and talked and had fun.
He asked me if I would like to go somewhere else, and I agreed, and we went on a different club. We sat down and talked, we had not been drinking too much, and were both thinking clearly.
When we had been talking for about 30-40 minutes, he leaned in and kissed me.
We went out for a walk after that, and then we walked to his huge army ship. We then kissed for a long time, he asked for my number and said that he would like to meet again.
When I got home, he had texted me already, to see if I got home safely (I live very close to his ship).
He does not live in my country, but will be back soon.
I am not thin, nor fat, I'm positive and happy, outgoing, flirtatious and he told me a lot that I was so pretty.
So, my question is: Was he only looking for someone to make out with, or do you think he would actually want to see me again? I am 17, and he is 22, and I have seen somewhere, that someone said, that marine/military men often were looking for someone fat, ugly, young and easy, but I do not consider myself that way. Am I being tricked or should I give it a go?


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  • Uhm he was nice smiles was charming didn't try to sleep with you even though you two were drunk and asked for your number and texted to make sure she made it home safe... he obviously isn't into you.

    • Are you being sarcastic or are you serious? Sorry, I don't get what you mean haha:p
      But thanks for the help anyway!

    • Sarcasm he obviously liked you.

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  • In the military men are required to act as reps of their country. Women go cray for the dress the men wear. All women are turned on by a military man, so does not matter if he was being a good boy or not, there are a million women like you who will gladly give them what they want. They have possibly been out to sea for months, all women look good, it just so happened that you are not fat or ugly. For so many women he is a catch but your problem is your age. If he gets caught having sex with you and can prove that you are not a working girl or party girl then it could mean a penalties under different articles or laws. The rules that apply to a military man are different than the general public. Such as a violation of moral turpitude or Article 134.

    • I was attracted to him before he told me he was a military man. He did not tell me until around 1 hour after we met. I would never ever have sex with someone I did not know, so that is not what I mean (:
      We are both European, and the age difference between us are pretty common.
      Thank you anyway!(:

  • I think he was genuine. Why would he get your number and text you (thus giving you his number) if he planned on never being with you again?

    • You're right, thank you :)

  • He would have done all kinds of things to try to just have sex with you if that's all he wanted. He obviously has some bigger plans

  • I believe you are having understandable anxiety. Wait to hear from him, but remember, a soldier will be gone a lot. Best of luck.

    • I do actually..
      Thank you, and yes, I know. We don't even live in the same country, so probably it will just be a summer flirt ha ha!

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