Why did he disappear?

I have been hanging out with this guy for about 2 1/2 weeks. So it's new for sure. But when we first met, we hung out like 7 nights in a row. Yes, I know that's a lot in the beginning but we got along so well. I left for a vacation for 5 days, so we didn't see each other during that time, obviously. But we texted quite a bit while I was gone, and it was always good conversation. When I got back, he asked to see me. He came over and spent the night. We had a great time. I asked if he would want to hang out that night as well, and he said yes, he has no plans. I was getting off work at 11pm (this was just last night) and I texted him at 10pm asking if he was still up to hanging out, as I hadn't heard anything from him. Still nothing when I got off. I thought maybe he had accidentally fallen asleep. I wake up at 10:30am today, and still no text from him! I texted him and said "a no would have been better than being ignored...". It's 10pm now, and I have still not heard back from him. I can't believe he went MIA. Things were so great! He seemed so interested in me, and I really thought we could have had something special. Another thing I'm feeling confused about is we actually frequent the same bar all the time. That's where we met (I know, the stigma that comes with that) and I just wonder if I'll run into him ever.. I mean we both go there a lot. I'm feeling really down, any thoughts or advice would help. Thanks in advance.


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