Do men ruin online dating for men?

After I’ve read articles on men who experimented on online dating sites where they pretended to be women.

They shared that they were able to get plenty of messages within little time by men sending them either "How are you doing? To sending them MOSTLY obnoxious messages that may or may not contain nude pics.

If a lady is getting 150 messages in little time I feel she isn't going to check all the messages and whatever she picks to read are going to be of men that are obnoxious. That will result in the serious guy getting ignored and feeling as if he did something wrong. With the women not responding he'll feel as if he's getting ignored or his simply uninteresting.

I think a solution for higher success rate on online dating for men would be for men to stop messaging women so frequently. Instead that will eventually with time make the women want to reach out to men more. I know this won’t happen because men are more action than waiting.

Even on GAG I’ve read comments on women getting nasty messages from men.

Do you think it’s the men who are the ones ruining the online dating experience for other men who are seriously looking for a companion?

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  • An interesting dissertation!


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  • I feel like there should be a universally dedicated dating site for men and women who are only looking for hook ups. That way, there would be room on other sites for people who are actually looking for a relationship.


What Guys Said 5

  • What's interesting is this shotgun approach, from another G@G question: "I've sent every woman within (x) miles of me the same well thought out message, and haven't heard from any of them" and I think well of course not, first most women on these sitses also have friends there and if they both get the same message from the same guy
    ... no they are not going to respond.

    • yes im sure every single girl sits around and review their matches with each other. idiot

    • @chityadvice. No not every woman woth every other womsn. But the following does happen
      gorl 1 "oh I just got a message from dude"
      Gorl 2 "really, so did I, what fid yours say?"
      Girl 1 "he says..."
      Girl 2 LOL "that's the EXACT same message I got"

      Girls fo this all the time.

  • Years ago I once signed up for a fake dating site in a rather stupid move and my inbox got flooded with eager girls. Was fun to read for a while but after a few days most became like noise to me and I started to get very picky.

    That's what most women most feel like too.

  • most guys can't get any girls in real life so they resort to the internet to try and get laid. the think by complimenting a girl immediately calling her beautiful sexy, etc will get them some brownie point. as a result 100s of guys who dont have the balls to talk to girls in real life send out dozens of messages complimenting women in hopes of starting up a conversation. the same exact thing happens on social media

  • I don't think so.

  • I wish this could be achieved, but men won't stop doing so, sigh...