Would you hook up with some you met at the gym?

I been checking this girl out at the gym and she's been checking me out. She's a older than be but I look older than my age. We see each other almost everyday and we've talked a bit too.
We both seem into each other but should I hook up with her because what if something goes wrong and I've already paid a 8months membership.

Hs anyone else had this?


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  • She's an adult.
    You're a minor.

    Once she finds out your age chances are she will not be interested.
    I remember being 22 and thinking this 16 year old boy was my age.
    He was 6'4 with facial hair.
    He looked 21 years old at most.
    When I found out his age I was not interested.

    • I'm 17 and I think she's 19-20. Where I'm from you can engage at 16.

    • Women usually don't like younger guys but definitely go for it.
      U never know unless u try

    • Do you really think it would be a turn off? I don't think it's that much of a different but I'm not a girl...

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  • if you're a minor then chances are slim.

  • If you say you're both into each other, I don't see anything wrong in doing it. Like you said, you're risking having to see her again each time you go to the gym; but that's about the same risk you have on every relationship with someone you meet on the places you frequently go to. I say you go for it.

  • don't ask yet... build the relationship... know more about her and tell about yourself, then ask her to meet at some other place...

  • I'd do it, worse case scenario you ignore each other or go on different days.

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