He doesn't want to hang with me anymore.

We are only friends, however, he has become more distant with me, and I am feeling very bad.

The reason why we went out is because I asked him (however, it was only three times and even it passed a month between every time we went out: one in August, the next one in Sept and the last one in October) I gave him chance to invite me somewhere and that he could chose the date and the place to go, but he always says that he is very busy and in order to go out he has to make an space in his agenda.

Some days before, I received an invitation of another friend about a friends reunion, where HE ALREADY RESPONDED THAT HE WILL GO. I clarify, I am not and I don't want to be selfish and possessive and I don't spy on him , but it seems that he can have time with everybody except me. Even he hasn't contacted me since the last days of October (except two times, but it was because I contacted him first).

Now the reunion was canceled, but he told that no matter where and when they changed it, he will be available (until the middle of December because he will go with his family due to holidays), however, I am somewhat sure that he won't propose me to go somewhere only the two of us. Even he haven't told me about that reunion or have the decency to invite me (so he could kill two birds in one).

Why is he becoming more distant? Why is he making me feel very bad?

Just to remind you that I have given his space and that I haven't complained with him since the last time we were in contact.


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  • I don't think he's trying to make you feel bad. Maybe he's just not into you, and doesn't want to lead you on. There's really lots of possibility's. You should talk to him if it's bothering you so much.