Guys: Are once a week dates a good or bad sign?

I met a guy online and we have gone out for exactly one month, with one date a week. He travels for work and is usually gone during the week but sometimes he is around for part of the week. I would like to see him more than once a week but not sure if it's too soon. Guys: are once a week dates a sign that the guy does not see the relationship being exclusive? Or is it too early to tell since it's only been 1 month?


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  • I think it's too early and he travels them miles to work
    than comes to see you and you two go out one date a week
    that's not too bad it wouldn't hurt to tell him that you like to
    see him at least twice a week or maybe spend the whole
    weekend with you or try changing his work schedule to fit
    it in to see you more often ,


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  • I prefer 1 date a week, cause im busy. so it depends on the guy.

    • Really? But what if you want a relationship with a girl? You would still want to see her once a week if she is your girlfriend?

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    • what do you mean casually? As in on a random night? Also, how long (how many dates/months) do you take to decide if want to be exclusive with a girl?

    • casually as in like lets grab some lunch or go hangout, watch a movie. it doesn't have to be labeled as dates.

      and I don't know how long I would date a girl until I become exclusive, that all actually depends on the girl. if I like her a lot instantly then it won't take very much.

  • Not to soon, you can ask him out if you want
    It's a good thing, because well, he's willing to make the date happen and actually attends

  • It is too early to tell. I prefer to see a girl not very often.

    • Even if you like her? What's your reason for that?

    • Even if I like her. The reason would be that it can get monotonous, like routine. I want a relationship that distracts me from my daily life, not one that enslaves me even more.

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  • It is too early to tell.