Im very paranoid when it comes to guys and dating? sometimes if a guy doesn't do what I "want" I just assume he's an asshole or a player?

I have a tendency to jump to conclusions especially when it comes to guys.

I know i can self sabotage a lot and i catch myself accusing guys (in my head) of either playing me or even being dishonest. Since i dont really have much experience regarding dating i guess i get most my dating "ideas" from films and movies (I think).

For example if guys dont do things when and how i expect it i assume they are players, or they lost interest or they only want sex from me. I know its only in my head and because of my insecurites and past experiences and a lot of times guys do stuff or dont do stuff because of way more complex things then "hes just an asshole".

I went on a date with a guy on Saturday, he messaged me twice on Sunday, and when he used several hours answering my text on Monday i assume he had lost interest. But today i got a good night message... I obviously affcted by past experiences, but how do i get over it... i thought i was over it... but its kidna obvious im not. . So how do get over it? or stopi being so paranoid?

i should mentioned i only feel like this when we first start dating.. if we are exclusive i dont think like this


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  • I wish I knew the way. I am the same as you.


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  • I think you shouldn't focus to much on expecting something from him. Dont try to contact him so you two just can talk. There are some guys who dont really see texting as a big deal. So focus on giving him something or just send him that you had a great time, without ecpecting him to say anything back!