How is the the hunted becomes the hunter?

A girl from work i dated recently broke off with me after a few dates, i closed off email and text communication, After 2 weeks she contacts me to ask me to go to a movie in her house in which i agree. I texted her yesterdday to ask were we doing it, she said that it's not available for streaming yet but would i like to go to cinema instead, i said i don't mind i'd leave it up to her. All of a sudden i feel like i'm now the hunter and i don't like it, and what game is been played here.


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  • Just go with it, she obviously likes you but got tired of playing the chaser and wanted to be chased. Most women like it when the guy goes after her, to always be the one initiating contact and making plans while not hearing from the guy until then sucks and makes you wonder if maybe that's the only reason he does still talk to you is cause he's trying to be nice.

    • yeah good point, i emailed her there saying i was still on for it and which ever day suits me,

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    • No problem

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