Guys, why is my boyfriend ashamed to be w. me in public?

my boyfriend is embarassed to be seen w. Me. I noticed that when we are together in public he either walks all the way ahead of me or walks all the way behind me & he never wanna go to public places w. Me just always want to be in the house. & He gives me little signs that he's ashamed of me cuz he barely introduces me as his girlfriend & he makes mean comments & puts me down & also he makes comments about my hair & how i dress. Why is he so ashamed of me, what could possibly make him so embarrassed about me? Why can't he just be proud to say that im his gf?


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  • Try to play with him by leaving a bit, see how he reacts... Who would be ashamed of having her girlfriend in public unless he has some insecurities. If you think it's bit too much, then try to ask him why, if he avoids that then try the test and see where it goes.

    • exactly , he is very insecure 😒😡

    • Try to see what are his insecurities and work on it. Let him do most of the work and see if he does it. If he doesn't then it's too bad, waste of time so move on. Tell him how u feel about this, hopefully he gets u and learns from it.

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