Hey guys I'm new here. I was just wondering what you think of tinder? Have any of you had any success from it?


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  • Lol no, they wer either really hot and boring or really fun and did not look like their pics too much :s

    • Ah ok, coolio, thank you for replying : )

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    • The ones I personally met with (other girls may have different opinions) wanted to try some sort of relationship.

    • Ah ok it's nice to hear that my fellow man is not just after sex all of the time lol

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  • No not really. Tinder is BLEH. I don't want to generalize but the "hot" guys and even the average ones are douchey and the "eh" guys are boring.

    How about you?

    • I have been on and off tinder for about three months now. But I haven't actually met anyone from tinder. I have chatted briefly with some women from there and the were nice people. But truth be told I am reluctant to meet anyone from online lol

    • Ohh. Lol sounds like a more pleasant experience then mine xD but I understand what you mean. It is abit off putting

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