Girls and guys I needs advice in this terrible situation I'm in. Advice please?

I've been talking to this girl for two weeks. We finally went out on Friday for our first date. It went absolutely amazing and she told me she liked me. We even hung out all day the next day on Saturday and we were all over each other and I could just tell by her actions and the way she looked at me she liked me. When I left her house that night she was asking when we'd see each other again and everything. Well today rolls around and she tells me she doesn't think she's 100% emotionally ready to date cause she's still trying to get over a broken heart from a past relationship. I told her that I'd love to be there for her and help her get through it cause I've been through it also. She never text back so I text her again and said well I guess this is it and told her that I'm here for her and wish thing would work out cause I really like her a lot too. A couple hours later she text me saying "It's not it I'm still here for you as well thank you for understanding and you're not bugging me at all I just need some time to think." I then said well take all the time you need that I'm not pushing her or rushing her that we can just take things slow and I haven't heard anything back from her. So what's the worst/best case scenario here? Girls what's she going through and what should I do to get her cause I want her. Guys, what should I do?


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  • Let her decide, she keep looking for any chance from any guys. The best case she would text you back and the worst case she's not into you as a boyfriend thing. you are in danger spot so don't wait her too long. but if really like her then make sure she really know about how u feel.

    • Would it be a bad idea to ask if we could meet face to face and talk about it?

    • Why you want to meet her? To tell you about how you feel? I don't think u need to talk to her now.

    • OK I was just asking... so I should just leave her alone

  • you should talk to her.


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