Idont know what to do.. advice?

Right now I'm about to cry because I have a boyfriend or whatever and I feel as if he's cheating on me and lying to me.. he tells me I'm not.. I try to fix it but we argue and he's on the idont give a Fuck mode..
But before we started dating he messed around and I didn't know until later.. what should I do


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  • You have to trust him or your gut. If you honestly feel like this than you need to leave because you have not healed from the first time. Constanly saying he is cheating is not healthy either because if he is not it can drive him to do it. Plus noone wants to be blamed for something they did not do. If you said that you forgave him when he did it before than thats what you need to do forgive him and move on. But if your heart is truly heart and every mint. You think he is cheating on you. You have to let go without trust there is nothing.


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  • Why do you think he's lying and is cheating on you?

    • Because of his past.. he use to be a player and Fuck around..

    • Does he seem like a changed person? Maybe he's matured. If he hasn't actually done anything recently that warrants your suspicion then you need to decide if you'll ever be able to trust him because if not then that's not fair to him and the relationship won't last without trust.

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  • you should leave him.

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