How do I get over this girl?

I met this really great girl! She came to visit her best friend at the college I go to! And I hung out with her friend the one that lives at the college like me, and then met the girl! She messages me like the 2nd day after we met on facebook, and then shortly after that I got Her # and been texting every day! We were kinda in a daring phase and age came to visit 2 more times! The 3rd time was when we really started to hit it off! Another guy was involved which she have multiple chances to while we were still talking and I feel it was what made us be become just friends! How do u get over her! She was my first kiss, first actuall date, first time cudding and holding hands and I'm almost 23! She honestly was the first girl to ever be that intor and invest so much time into me! I really do know what to do, and since we became friends we are still texting every day!


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  • give yourself time.


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