If you were given three wishes, and they all had to be ised to make changes to your SO (present or future)?

You and your SO are out fishing in a boat, when after a quiet, and fruitless day you catch an *enormous* fish that offers to grant you three wishes, but they can only be used to make changes to your SO... What kind of aweful over-reaching shit would he/she have to retaliate against you for when the fish, rather than granting your wishes, goes to your SO and offers your wishes to him/her instead? And how would he/she use what are now *his/her* wishes to punish you in kind?

O, and then he/she asks to be turned into a fish so they can be together, and they swim away...

That's right, a fish stole your boyfriend/girlfriend and they swam away together... deal with it... 😄😈...😕

Yep... definitely can't take yourself too seriously to play along with this one...


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