Women do you hold out from sleeping with a guy even when you really want to? Men thoughts on timing?

This is something I really struggle with. I usually know from the first date of I would sleep with a guy or not. Then on the next few dates I know whether or not I could be in a relationship with him.

Once I've decided yes to both I sometimes find it hard to wait because for me I only start to feel really comfortable with a guy after sex and, well of course by that time I'm itching to find out how we are in bed.

The downside of this in the past however is everything is about sex once sex happens. But maybe I t was just those guys and what they were looking for?

I met a guy who is a good fit for me and he makes me feel safe. We've been on a few long dates and honestly I don't mind them getting stretched out.

We're seeing each other again this week and the weekend. So we've met up often but only known each other a couple weeks. I feel that makes it too soon. I think he will let me take my time but I'm afraid I'm going to have a hard time taking my time even though sex to really can ruin things.

Women do you hold off despite the urges? Men if you really like a girl does it matter for you if sex comes early in the relationship?

He remembers what I say and we have deep conversation even about kids. It's just like we are on the same level with a lot of things in our life.


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  • Sex is sex. If a guy really likes you and want to be with you you can have sex with him the first hour you meet him and nothing will change. Waiting does not make you a wife and going for it does not make you easy or a hoe. Only immature judges people. If the guy judges you for wanting to bring your relationship to the next level he was not worth your time anyway. If he feels the same and you two are on the same page go head have sex it does not really matter.

    • Yeah I'm not one for playing games and withholding sex when you both want it kind of seems like a game. Then there are guys who figure it was so easy for them so it must be for everyone which is BS. Then there are the ones who will play the waiting game just because you are hot and they never really liked you and were just putting on a front.

      I guess I feel like I never really know until post act what their real intentions are... But I think you are right that whatever intentions they started with doesn't change if you make them wait a while longer. For sure the curtain always comes down after sex though. Always.

    • Go for it my husband and I had sex in the first week lol

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  • For me personally, there is no penalty for sleeping with me early on. I will lose interest if I have to wait too long though. Some guys feel the opposite way but they tend to be pretty judgmental. Do what feels natural.


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  • Yes i do / would hold off. I think about sleeping with several guys that have great personalities, but I wouldn't have sex with someone I didn't love. I mean that may change someday, but I'm more into long term stuff than casual. Sex too early in a relationship can also create false feelings or lust.

    (Let's just pretend that hypothetically I'm your age)

  • i dont really do this.