Will it be necessary?

There is possibility of second date with a guy I like. The firt date since I dont have a car and we sort of do not live so close to each other. I went to him instead of him picking me up. that time he picked me up at mysisters house who coincidentally lives in a city close town where this guy lives. the guy pick me up at the front gate of the condominium, he did not even met my sister because he did not came straigh to the house, but my sister told me she did not mind not to meet him that I hould go to him at the front gate.

This second date he told me himself that this time he will commutte to where I am (since the first time i was the one going all the way to the town where he lives) so that meansfor me he will pick me up at my house. I dont know if when he is at the house should I let him meet my mom at least to say hello as courtesy or when he is there to pick me u outside. I just tell my mom something like: Hey mom Im leaving already"

There could 2 posible scenarios 1. The guy does not mention anything to me of wanting to greet my mom but I can bring up the comment if he wants to say hello 2. The guy tells me he wants to say hello so I dont mind in letting hi in the house just for the proper greetingsIs Is it really necessary for him to greet my mom or not even if he does not bring up the issue but I may say something like Do you want to say hello to my mom? or better not force hi to do something he is not even thinking in doing it? . Let me add by saying that the guy know more or less who is my mom because I met this guy back in April during a family trip so more or less this guy know my cosins, aunts.

What Im concerne is that I dont want my brother to know I be going on a second date with this guy, my brother once told me this guy is not the right guy for me. My brother knows this guy too. SO if he sees im seeing this guy again I know my brother will start to question me. Just hope he picks me up when my brother is not at the house.


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  • just hope your brother isn't at the house then.

    • That is what i mean otherwise he will lecture me about the guy after my return. I think I will have to tell my mom to lie to my brother in case he asks Hey where is XXXXX I will tell my mom to tell him Im out with some female friends. My brother knows this guy and when I first told him I went out on the first date with him several weeks ago he told me: You know what you are doing but I dont recommend you to hang out with him. Im afraid to even ask him what he knows about him, because I rally like this guy and i dont want to jump to any conclusions if I listen to other people rather than to came myself with my own conclusion the more I meet him. That is the same reason I have never told anyone (not my relatives) I like him even less that I alrady hanged out with him one time. I had kept this to myself since I met him. I mean I have ke`pt that I like him and that we text often.

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