Is it okay to say I love you when?

You aren't in love yet, you like them a lot , and you know yourself and you know 100% you will fall in love with them, so you say it back after they say it

  • Yeah its okay cause you're going to
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  • No its just, god you have no morals
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I do feel myself falling , its just I haven't hit the bottom of the fall, I can see it though


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  • You shouldn't do that just to not hurt their feelings. Basically, you're lying to them.

    • Its not to avoid hurting feelings, its I'm usually out of sync with my emotions so I'm saying it cause I could have fallen but just not realize it

    • Still. You shouldn't say it unless you're 100% sure about it.

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  • No, no. Say it when you fall in love or the word becomes valueless.


What Guys Said 2

  • I thought this was going to be a pragmatic question. Hmm, you're 15. Thinking... Nope Advice goes even harder for you.

    The ONLY circumstances you should EVER tell a girl you love her is when she has said it to you first, and you have had sex with her.

  • When you guys are having quality times maybe