My guy best friend is being weird?

So I have this guy friend. We were best friends (like super thick ) for the first three years. It was platonic but then he got into a relationship and I felt hurt and I realised I really liked him so I decided since nothing was going to work out between us to just remain his friend. but then he would always come to me for help, and spend time with me instead of his actual girl friend. His girlfriend hated my guts for this and eventually I started having feelings for him again and yes I did give him hints and I did bend over backwards to keep him happy. But he started acting weird and kinda became distant and stopped talking to me as much. He moved away that year and he didn't even bother telling me about it. Later he messaged me and got back in touch and told that he really cared for me and I was someone special to him. We did have a lot of fights because I never forgave him for leaving. a year later I joined college and started to slowly forget about him.(he had stopped replying to me at all so it wasn't that tough) He told me he cared and needed me in his life. I feel for it again and started being close to me and confessed to him that I like him as more than just friends. This is where he cut my call and didn't talk to me for the next four months. After that when he got to know through social media that I was having a thing with some other guy he came back into my life being all sweet. We decided to finally meet up where he kissed me and this is after he told me that he could never see me as more than a friend. After that the entire month he sexted me AND we did have phone sex cause we live far away. When we finally decided to meet again, he tells me that this entire thing is awkward (and I was mad since all of this was his idea), he has stopped replying to me, doesn't bother clearing things up for me. What do you think is going through his mind? Also do you think he ever cared about me?

Here's the thing I have asked him to stay away from me cause he messes with my feelings, like he gets jealous when I'm with other guys. And also, the entire kissing thing was him begging me for it. Like I don't understand, because he says he wants me just as a friend but he gets really upset when I go on dates. and I've told him that maybe it's best if we aren't a part of each other's lives yet he messages me like 2 months later saying he needs me in his life.


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  • If he asked for your help and spent time with you even though he had a girlfriend, then he clearly cared about you, but just as a friend. He probably thinks all of this was too much and he didn't really know what to say or do. He probably feels really awkward right now. If you wanna remain friends with him, maybe give him some space for a while and then message him again. Have you two talked recently?


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