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Situation. Your boyfriend has cheated on one ex, one time. It was only a silly little kiss, that was totally heat of the moment. Reasoning being : Liked this girl for so long, and they've always been best friends but they never got to date - sexual tension. can be a bitch

That was a couple years ago, he's now with me - obviously. But she's been asking him to hang out. And I objected. Because A.) she obviously doesn't respect the fact that he's taken, I'm anti-hanging-out-with-tramps. and B.) He obviously had something with her in the past, which (not exactly) justified him kissing her before. But who knows about again.

Regardless, He says he won't hang out with her. Because he respects me and doesn't want to make me uncomfortable.

Am I totally over reacting or..?


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  • Well you see, you got reasons for being objective. But things like that will happen sooner or later, be it the old girlfriend / bestfriends, the new girl at work that is funny, whoever.

    Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself if you trust your boyfriend or not. If you want to object, that's fine, but this also implies to some extent that you don't trust your boyfriend 100percent!

    If you let him meet her, you're still able to object if their meetings become too regular, then it's jealousy and not distrust! And at least to me, this would make a huge difference ;)

    I think I would never cheat on my girlfriend and I would like my girlfriend to trust me completely on this. I would agree to not meet a girl for too often if she feels that I'm meeting her too often, but I don't think I'd like to get my meetings forbidden completely.

    And having objections are just like that. But if he's doing it out of free will like you telling him "Well, I think she has a crush on you so I'm afraid about you meeting her", then it's fine. But it's another story if you say "Well, I think she has a crush on you, so I'd like you not to meet her"

    So you see, my answer is completely variable :)

    It's all relating to the precise words whilst making your objection.

    It's always difficult to say what's overreacting and what's not... if he is okay with your objection you're fine, though...

    I could go on and drift away with my answer but I think at first I'll leave you with that ;)

  • You have a nice nick!

    The issue seems to be your trust of him. If he proves to be honorable, that increases your faith in him. If not, he's dishonest and you should terminate the relationship.



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