Should I wait or don't wait?

well this guy is really hot and he wants to take me out so I know that we are both attracted to each other. so if he tries to kiss me will it make me a hoe to kiss him back on our first date? and then if I kiss him will it make me a hoe to have sex on the first date? will he still like me or just think of me as a one night stand? guys did a girl ever give it up to you on the first night? how long did you guys last?


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  • Kissing on first dates is fine, hasn't damaged any of my relationships... Sleeping together is different, it usually ends up, that sex will dominate the relationship and its mostly what he would expect every time he's with you. If you really like him take a while, wait a couple weeks at least... Taking time doesn't hurt anyone, rushing into things can.


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  • Kiss on first dates alright. Sex on first date = hoe.

    • Even if he is really fine and I just can't say no

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    • I had sex on a first date just because things got so hot I coulden't control myself :D well we still see each other not like a serious relationship but he dosen't see me like a hoe he respects me and even if we meet and I say no to sex it's ok so it kind of depends on the men but don't do something you will regret if you want to have sex do it

    • Honney.. the QA is in the US.. and those types of things are way different.. when I go back to europe; it's like a culture shock.. relative to the US, people are more "open-minded".. and when I come back.. relative to europe, people in the US are more "narrow-minded"

      the tolarance for PDA & sexuality is much higher in europe than it is in the US