Have you ever dated a widow/widower?

How do you handle discussion about your date's deceased spouse? Avoid it entirely? Offer condolences? Ask them if they want to talk about it? I can't imagine having that experience and I'm sure that it leaves wounds that never heal. I don't want to be insensitive but I really don't know if it is better to avoid the topic or talk about it openly.


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  • I lost my husband eight years ago to a genetic lung disorder. If a man says sorry for your loss I thank him and move on from that topic. I'm sure no one wants to hear stories about him except for the kids and I only share the nice memories with them.


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  • no i have not/ but if the guy was nice n we got along and told me from the get go i would /

  • i never have. i can't do that.

    • At your age, there are not many guys who have had a wife die. If you are single when you are older, it is much, much, much more likely.

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