He listen so attentively because of her or me?

Everytime when me and that girl talks, he will approach and listen attentively or at least stare at us from distance, I am soo unsure if he listen soo attentively because of her or me. It is because he kind of shows interest in both of us.
Like he always stands up for me when my manager ask to me do something I don't want to do, being over concerned about me, like ask if I am doing ok, always stand super close behind me, like I can feel his chest, sometimes catch him staring at me, and quickly look away. On the other hand, when someone talks to me, he always stare, or at least turn his head around. (but he never join the conversation)
And for that girl, he always make the effort to come to her position and talks to her, but not any other coworkers, and I always see them together, and I saw him brushes against her once when he walks passes her. And when someone talks to her, he will come to her, listen, and join the conversation.
So do you think he listen so attentively because of me or her?
PS: he seems to pay special attention to both of us.
When its me and that girl talks, he never join the conversation, just listen. or talks to her when I am gone.


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  • because of you,