After months of making plans for our life... he has disappeared... what happened?

OK so for the past 4 months I have reconnected with a old flame. One that never burned out. Back in the day we were too young and the timing was not right for a real relationship.
Now our time had come... so much so that he was wanting me to move back home and in with him to finally start what we both felt should of happened years before. His last words to me as I was leaving work and texted him I had to get going where.." I already Miss you Baby"
That was 5 days ago... he is not answering my texts, nothing at all... zero contact. I am worried he may be hurt or something bad has happened... it just does not seem normal... we talk everyday!
Am I just an idiot? Have I been played?


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  • "I have reconnected with an old flame."


  • Perhaps something happened to him


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