Isn't it better to be single if too many people are worrying about how to act and gender roles?

So might as be ''ok whatever'' and go single. Too many people seem to be worrying about how to act, what not to do in the dating world, how to be rude to attract others, complaining and getting more confused than ever.

Then there are the equality extremists who want things exactly the same (taking the word equal into literal as it were a text written word for word). This is what I'm getting after observing some post on this site as well as other online sites. More confusion, more people don't even know how to act, more thinking that either you are sexist and in order to not to be you have to be an equality extremist.

We already had a couple asking how can girls propose. Yes, she can but I wouldn't do that. What is next? Dressing up as a man at a football stadium, burping and clapping my belly... then calling that real equality?


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  • I think that it depends on the "agreement" the couple has. What is reasonable for both of them? What do they agree with? Then fuck what the others think about this or that, what you agree and what you're ok with is what will count in the end.

    • True but seems like recent changes from not so long ago has led some people confused in the dating world, esp certain guys. For instance there have been posts about several guys writing things that since we wanted equality, they're doing things like never wanting to taking turns in the date (always has to be 50/50 split on dates), doing as little effort as possible in the relationship to the point the girl is doing more, wanting more girls to propose, etc. Basically wanting more girls to either act like them or that it was to be literally equal on everything ''word for word''.

    • This is what I'm getting when I read posts.

    • I think that girls proposing, for example should happen because if you girls want a guy and do nothing about it your chance is probably lost. But, in my point of view, if you "negociate" with the guy/girl you're dating, you're seeing him/her as equal, you both are getting to a simple agreement that will be good according to each other's wishes.

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  • Both are nice but don't let people who don't know what they're doing put you off there's some relationships and dates that just flow where you don't have to even think on what to do so don't completely mark off dating because people on here are looking at human attraction and chemistry with rigid societal rules and norms.

  • Don't let gender roles dictate your status or relationship

  • It's totally okay to live alone, but some people want to have somebody in their life. Some people want to have someone who can see the beauty in their imperfections
    someone want to have someone to be intimate with, not just sex, but a loving arm, the feeling of being loved for who you are...
    Not sure if it's better, some people want it more than others!

    "Elephants can crack Nuts"

    • It would be cool but last thing I need is dating a man that is fighting for things to be exactly equal instead of being himself without worrying about sounding sexist nor going into the ''but you girls wanted equality'' and be another one of those equality extremists.

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    • If being equal is more a job than honest, the relationship might fall apart

    • The presents that cost nothing are often the ones they remember

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