I am meeting up with my ex in ten days, and I want to get back together, what should I do to make a good impression?

So in the long run the relationship crumbled because of some vairly simple mistakes, she never felt ill about getting back together but it was always left in a positive light, I've kept on good terms with her thus far anyway but we've never so much as met up afterward because, well I don't know we just never really brought it up, but I was always up for it.

I mentioned this before on here that around late March she said that she's sorry for not turning up to a meetup we did plan at the time, as she would "Well I know seeing you I'm just going to end up with my feelings coming back, and I'm just scared" so that still must mean something at least.

About a week or two ago she asked if I was going to this festival in town, I already was going with a few mutual friends so we agreed to all meet up, they know about that I still like her and what she said, and I believe this is a good opputunity to get somewhere, I'm hoping that we can get somewhere before the summer is over.

After the festival I'm thinking of meeting her again a week or two after, but this time just us two.


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  • When you see her at the festival, make her feel important. Show your interest, but don't be too smothering. These days practically everyone doesn't wanna be hurt so they let people they love and care about do whatever they want. Sure it's about going with the flow and not forcing things, but you need to ask yourself if you'd be okay seeing this person you love happy in a committed relationship with someone else because you, their first choice didn't want to be hurt, vise versa, or both


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  • Make sure she sees that you've changed for the better?

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