I don't know who I'm in love with, help?

I'm not sure if I'm in love with my guy best friend. I always spend time with him and he's so sweet. He already told me he liked me and he always says how he is "forever alone" and stuff like that. He also knows who I like, but earlier when he said "you wish joe was by your side right now huh?" I got really upset for some reason. And then whenever he talks about someone else he may like I kinda get jealous. I don't know if I like him because I would never want to lose him and whenever he isn't texting me I get really upset. He's always been there for me since the day I started his school.. And then I am definitely in love with joe and I don't want him to go away, he was my first ACTUAL love.. sometimes he makes me mad by ignoring me or teasing me but he hasn't done it in awhile. He's been super sweet lately
.. help I don't know what to do

(me and joe aren't dating by the way but people say we kinda act like it sometimes. We've held hands a few times but that's it)


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  • guess he was just teasin u then... have u ever told this guy u like him then?


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