Do you believe that people can change?

This guy, that has been very sweet to me. It could be because I have a slight crush on him or the fact that I'm naive.. But he's done some bad things... even gotten arested apparently from these things. (including assult, and beating someone up..) the fact is; he's skinny... and I'm a strong girl. Musclely and all. and quite frankly could take him down in a fight. Which I NEVER say because it's stupid and obnoxious. but feel it's relevent here.. anyway, he said he's changed. What do i do? take my chances and believe him? or stay away?

  • Stay away./ people can't change.
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  • Get to know him more./it depends on the person.
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  • Believe him and take your chances/ give him the benefit of the doubt.
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  • While the majority picked A , I chose B due to the flack I used to be something of a hell raiser myself. I drank a lot and did some other things that looking back on is just dumber than stump chit. I gave up all but the drinking when I met my wife. I continued to drink up until a year ago. I had my share of conflicts due to my past life , and had a few run ins with the law as well. So I can honestly say SOME people can and do change , take your time to be sure he has and isn't trying to pull the wool over your eyes

    • Wow, maybe you're right! i think I'll get to know him more but be careful while doing so. Glad to hear you gave up drinking! Best of luck to you sir. :)

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    • That's so sweet :)

    • Some of the guys I used to drink with have been saying I'm Putty whooped , I say she is worth more than I lost and she is a damn site prettier than their arses are lmbo

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  • Call me a pessimist but I don't think that people can really change. Maybe for a little time but sooner or later they will become the same in the future...

  • Some people can change and some are use to the same old lifestyle

  • People can change, of course. But, most people do not change fundamentally in adulthood.

    • Oh, well he's only 15... So he could change..

  • I gotta be optimistic and positive and believe that people can

    • Wow! I like the optimism, thanks a lot!

  • Nobody ever truly changes, we simply turn into more of who we are.

    • So, maybe who he is isn't bad?

  • I'm not going to say people can't ever change, but it's extremely difficult and rare for them to do so. Don't underestimate him because of his size either. I would walk away if I were you.

    • Thanks, you're definitely right.

  • People can change if they are willing too change.

    • That's a good point- I like that. Thanks!

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