Help wanted on texting?

so this guy is in the hospital from about 2 months (he lives in another continent ) so i was wondering on what topics shall i converse with him, besides asking him about his recovery and how's he feeling. some random topics that would comfort him as well as give us sth to talk about.


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  • ask him obviously wot r his fav topics maybe?

  • I was in the hospital and I missed a lot

    Talk about holding a feast for him
    the things he missed

    • Oh, that sounds fun.

    • The idea is to get you guys talking about possible things you can do, doesn't have to be tmr but someday.

      Was talking about traveling to another country at a tea party once

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  • Assuming we are close friends, I would talk to him about the latest movie I found weird or if anything interesting happened to me. If I have any questions, I would ask him. I usually give a scenario and then ask for their reactions.


    And maybe girls , because sometimes I like to tease.

    Topics just comes one after another once you start talking and get comfortable.

    Be cheerful. 😁😁😁😄🙆🙆🙋

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